Vaginal discharge

What is normal vaginal discharge?

It contains vaginal transudate, secretions of cervical, vaginal and vulval glands, dead cells and normally present bacteria.

It can be clear, creamy or yellow.

The amount and colour may change depending on various factors such as menstrual cycles, hormonal contraception, arousal or emotional stress. Some women have very light and some very heavy discharge, it is usually very light before puberty and in menopause.

What causes abnormal vaginal discharge?

Can be due to allergies, infection, a foreign body in the vagina (forgotten tampon or condom), skin conditions, and other abnormalities of the vagina or cervix.

How do I recognise abnormal vaginal discharge?

It can be of abnormal colour (green, blood stained, brown), thicker or very watery, smelly, or associated with itchiness, or pain.

How to practice good vaginal hygiene:

  • Avoid synthetic underwear, tight fitting underwear.
  • Change your clothes after exercise or swimming.
  • Avoid soap, vaginal douches, antiseptics, scented wipes or vaginal deodorants.
  • Change tampons, pads and liners at least 4 times daily.
  • After using toilet wipe front to back or even better wash with water and pat dry.
  • Avoid shaving or hair removal products.
  • Protect yourself from STDs, wash after intercourse, empty bladder after intercourse.

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