Insertion of mirena

What is mirena?

Mirena is a hormonal intrauterine device used for contraception, to control bleeding or to protect the womb from endometrial cancer.


What happens?

Mirena can be inserted in an outpatient settings or in combination with a hysteroscopy and curettage.

As a contraception device it starts working immediately. If it is used to treat menorrhagia the best results are observed after 6 months. Initially Mirena causes irregular bleeding and spotting. You may experience abdominal pain at the insertion of Mirena.


What are the risks?

There are complications associated with the insertion of mirena:

  • Infection of uterus or fallopian tubes requiring antibiotics and sometimes removal of an IUD
  • Perforation of the wall of the uterus and possible injury to the bladder or bowel, sometimes requiring further surgery to correct problems
  • Expulsion of Mirena by uterus
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Pregnancy 1:600 women. Of those 1/3rd will be an ectopic pregnancy requiring further surgery
  • Mirena may not provide symptom relief in your case

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