Endometrial ablation

What is endometrial ablation?

This is a procedure for the treatment of menorrhagia. It is done under general anaesthesia in operating theatres.
After the widening of the cervix the uterine cavity is measured, a special device with mesh in the shape of the cavity is then placed in the uterine cavity and an electrical current heats the mesh and thereby irreversibly destroys the inner lining of the womb.
It is very important that you do not fall pregnant following this procedure as pregnancy tissue may invade the walls of the womb causing potentially life-threatening complications. For this reason we recommend permanent contraception such as fallopian tubal ligation.


This is a day procedure and you are expected to go home the same day. You may experience mild abdominal cramping over next few days and vaginal bleeding that should taper off over next few weeks.
You will receive a follow up appointment in 6 weeks.


What are the risks?

There are some complications with this procedure:

  • Bleeding, requiring a blood transfusion or even hysterectomy
  • Infection, requiring antibiotics
  • Uterine wall perforation and possible injury to bladder or bowel requiring additional surgical procedures to correct the problems
  • It may not relieve symptoms
  • General risks such as lung collapse, chest infection, heart attack, stroke, blood clots in legs and lungs


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