Vaginal repair

What is vaginal repair?

Vaginal repair is a procedure for any prolapse through the vagina.

What happens?

This procedure involves a cut over the vaginal wall to repair tissue between the bladder and vagina or bowel and vagina. Sometimes this procedure is performed together with vaginal hysterectomy.


A hospital stay will depend on the type of procedure performed. Post operatively you will have a bladder tube and vaginal pack inserted, and those are usually removed a day after the procedure. Before discharge it is important to confirm that you are able to fully empty your bladder. If tissue between the vagina and bowel is repaired, we recommend staying until you have successfully opened your bowels. You may experience bloody vaginal discharge for the next few weeks. To avoid infection, we recommend avoiding swimming and sexual intercourse. You will be discharged with pain relief, and a follow up appointment in 6 weeks will be organised. You should allow 4 weeks of recovery time. We recommend avoiding any future heavy lifting as this has been shown to increase chance of recurrence.

Should you feel unwell or have increasing pain, bleeding or unusual vaginal discharge please contact your GP or consulting rooms.

What are the risks?

There are risks and complications with this procedure:

  • Bleeding requiring blood transfusion
  • Infection requiring antibiotic treatment
  • Injury to surrounding organs (bladder, bowel, ureter) requiring further surgical procedures to correct problems
  • A connection between bladder and vagina or bowel and vagina may be inadvertently created needing further surgical procedures to correct problems
  • Difficult passing urine temporary needing tube to be passed in bladder to allow emptying of bladder
  • Stress incontinence may become evident after procedure
  • Change in bladder or bowel habits
  • Shortening or narrowing of vagina causing sexual problems
  • Reoccurrence of vaginal prolapse
  • General risk to surgery: lung collapse or infection, heart attack, stroke, blood clots in legs or lungs

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